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Fantastic Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers

Preschool is a very crucial period in the life of children. 
Because it is during their preschool period that kids get out into the world. they get out of the comfort zone of their parents and home. It is during this period that they learn to interact with other kids of their age and learn diverse social skills such as sharing, etiquette forms, and how one has to live in a society.
Field trips
Field trips are an important feature that works in this direction. Field trips are a great way to impart practical knowledge into kids. These field trips introduce the kids to different stimuli and help them learn about newer things and concepts. For this, you need to have new and better preschool field trip ideas. QualityKG guides the preschools with complete planning for such field trips. The training workshops by QualityKG enables preschools to organize these trips and camps efficiently.

Things to consider
There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you arrange for a field trip for preschoolers so that the trip is successful:
  • Choose a location based on the season 
  • Make sure that the location is safe
  • Visit the place beforehand and check for the amenities 
  • Prepare the kids before you take them for the trip so that they have an idea of what they are going to see
  • Encourage them to ask questions at the trip
  • Inform the kids on how to contact in case of an emergency
Preparing with the Children
The field trip can be a positive and fulfilling experience, especially when children are well-prepared. Here are some points for helping preschoolers to be prepared for outdoor field trips.

1. Talk with the children about the place - Before taking children for the field trip, share pictures, videos, and other resources related to the place with them. Tell them about the plants and animals they will see there. Encourage them to talk about their questions and ideas about the field trip. Help them write questions and predictions on a list.

kid on the field trip
2. Tell the kids what to expect - Make a timeline for them to tell them what will happen during the trip. Review field trip safety rules with the class numerous times. “Stay with your small group. Walk on the path." Try using storytelling to explain the rules. Form small groups of children. Before the day of the trip, let them meet the volunteers who will supervise them.

 3. Involve children in preparations - Let children collect and count things that will be needed. Assign each child specific task to do during the trip. Let children practice doing field work. Make small groups of children practice collecting data outside near the school. Help them find rocks, plants, or animals to observe. Ask them to share their information with classmates.

Field trips Follow-Up
After the class returns from the field trip, there are a variety of follow-up activities to help the children build upon the experience.

1. Ask children to recall their field trip -  After the trip is over, involve the class in a casual conversation about the trip. What things did they see and hear? What things excited them? Ask children to draw things they remember from the trip. Then ask them to write a few words about them. Let children talk about the tasks they carried out or any items they collected during the trip.

2. Ask children to share information from the field trip -  Work in small groups and ask children to share their information of the field trip and create a book. It might include specimens they collected, drawings, notes, and photographs; and a list of new words they learnt during the trip.

3. Plan other activities based on the trip -  Help children write thank-you notes to the staff. Provide them with the relevant craft material and ask them to create things they observed during the trip. Let children create a play depicting the place they visited.

Field Trip Ideas for Preschool

Children are curious to explore new things. It is this curiosity that has to be taken into account at the time of arranging the field trips. Here are some field trip ideas:

1. Water Park
Water parks are the favorite of preschoolers when it comes to field trips.  There is unlimited fun for the kids there. So much water, so many rides, and the chance to have a blast. Make it more fun by playing some water sports with children.

2. Animal Farms
This is a great way for the kids to learn about animals. Taking them to animal farms or pet stores will enable them to see the animals closely and observe their mannerisms and eating habits. They will also learn about animal care.

3. Factories
Another popular school field trip idea is to take them to factories They will gain lot of  information about how a particular thing is made and prepared. For instance, taking them t o a printing press will enable them to learn how their books are made. It is one of the most interesting ways to teach kids about a particular concept.

4. Supermarket
Take the children through the different isles and explain them the basics of shopping. Divide the kids in groups and then allot a teacher to each group. Then provide them with a list of things that they have to shop for and give them a budget. This is a great learning experience.

5. Bakery
This is one of the most interesting preschool field trip ideas. Imagine all those smells and treats. Show children how they are prepared and what goes into making these treats and goodies.

6. Zoo
Zoo is another great idea for field trips for toddlers as well as preschoolers. Watching all the animals and learning about their daily lives is a great learning experience for them.

What are your favorite field trip ideas for preschoolers?

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